Saphir Medaille d'Or Rénovateur Macadamia


Our famous Renovateur Crème contains Macadamia oil, beeswax and lanolin. It gently cleans the leather while providing nourishment to the leather. The macadamia oil and lanolin condition the leather and keep it soft and supple. The beeswax creates a subtle shine and protects the leather. The Renovateur Crème is regarded by leather care specialists as the best leather care product in the world.

Renovateur Crème is a gentle water-based formula that softens and nourishes leather.

Renovateur Crème is suitable to be used on fine smooth leather, including box calf (calfskin), goat, and special leathers such as cordovan. It can be used on a wide array of leather goods such as leather bags, jackets, shoes, and book covers.

Macadamia oil

1. Brush the item to remove dirt and dust
2. Apply Renovateur Crème sparingly with a white cotton cloth
3. Leave to dry for three minutes
4. Polish the leather with a soft cotton or wool glove

1. Prepare your leather
If your shoes are dirty or clogged with wax, silicone, or resin deposits, clean the leather with our Reno Cleaner.
If your shoes are regularly cleaned and well maintained, we recommend the Renovateur Cream (ref. 1123), which moisturises and gently cleans the leather pores without removing the patina.
2. Revive with Crème 1925
We recommend applying Crème 1925 after treating the leather with the Renovateur Cream. Crème 1925 contains softer waxes and nourishing shea butter and also refreshes the color of the leather with genuine pigments.
3. Glazing with Mirror Gloss (ref. 1013)
To quickly obtain a ‘glaçage’ or ‘mirror shine’, use Mirror Gloss. Mirror Gloss contains naturally harder waxes necessary for achieving a high-shine to leather shoes.

Size: 75ml

Code: 1123051