Saphir Medaille d'Or Cleanser


A gentle cleaner to remove daily soiling and excess wax. It prepares the leather by opening its pores and enabling it to absorb nourishing ingredients of creams and polishes.

Its use is particularly recommended for those who regularly maintain their leather goods and shoes since it preserves the patinas and the base of a mirror shine. This makes it easy to create a new mirror shine.

The addition of Montan wax prepares the pores of the leather to absorb pastes, creams or the Médaille D’or maintenance lotions.

The Cleanser is suitable for smooth leather, oiled leather, oiled nubuck or cordovan leather.

Effective for cleaning sneakers and the sides of white rubber soles.

Montan Wax

Ensure all dirt and dust is removed from the shoes. Buff shoes with a brush. For a more in-depth clean, use Saphir Médaille d’Or's Reno Cleaner.

Shake the bottle.

Apply the Cleanser sparingly using a cotton cloth. Massage into the leather in a circular motion.

Leave it to dry for 15 min.

Once the product has been applied, simply buff the goods with a cotton cloth.

Its highly innovative formula has two phases that should be mixed imperatively. When applying the Cleanser, it is necessary to use the cotton cloth, ensuring the cleanliness of the material during each new application, to not stain the leather with a dirty cloth.

Size: 125ml

Code: M1594004