Saphir Medaille d'Or Cleaner


Our plant based formula reliably cleans smooth leathers from dirt, wax residuals, silicons and resins. Its plant based formula which is free from hazardous solvents, allows you to control the depth of the cleaning depending on the amount used and the repetitions. The Cleaner does not affect the nature of the leather and does not make it any drier, which also accounts for oiled and greased leathers.

Entirely plant based Cleaner which is free from hazardous solvents and can be shipped by air.

The Cleaner can be used on all smooth leathers as well as oiled and greased leathers. It can also be used to reliably clean the white soles of sneakers.

Entirely plant based formula free from hazardous or flammable solvents.

Apply the Cleaner on a clean and dry cloth. Rub the leather inc circular motions while changing the used area of the cloth to not spread any dirt. Allow the shoe to dry afterwards for at least 15 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

Test before the application on a less visible part of the shoe or item you want to clean.

Size: 100ml

Code: M1584005